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An 8-week group coaching program to help coaches, consultants and companies elevate their brand marketing—without wasting a second or a cent

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Business owners can be amazing at what they do but stink at showing it.

Their marketing simply doesn’t match the quality of their offering. And when you put out so-so marketing, you get so-so results.

Hey, I get it. You’re pressed for time and watchful of how you spend your hard-earned dollars. It’s easy to let marketing slip to the bottom of the priority list.

But as an ad agency leader who’s helped hundreds of clients achieve success over the years, I know one thing for sure:

There’s gold hiding behind your ineffective (and maybe even non-existent) marketing.

And I’m ready to help you uncover it once and for all.


The Brand Gold Group Coaching Program

Your path to brilliant brand marketing

Any business can build a strong brand that brings in the right people—and it doesn’t have to be the expensive, perplexing, pull-your-hair-out process it’s often made out to be.

Join the Brand Gold Group Coaching Program and take your brand marketing from “meh” to magically effective in just 8 weeks.

I’ll help you plan, brand, and build
your way to marketing success.

You’ll become Brand Gold in 3 phases. Each one builds on the next for a total marketing
transformation—helping you reach the higher-paying clients you’ve been wishing for.


We create a sound, research-backed strategy for getting you from where you are to where you want to be.


We craft your visuals and language to align with your brand strategy, giving you a distinct and consistent identity.


We construct your lead funnel strategy to bring in customers, with creative support to ensure it’s executed just right.

The program is deliberately simple—and effective. At the same time, it’s flexible.
Wherever you are on your marketing journey and whatever your unique challenges
may be, we’ll adapt accordingly to make your brand shine.

The Brand Gold group coaching program will change your mindset and your marketing. 

But don’t take my word for it, take theirs.

One simple step leads to another.

Inside the program you’ll find a clear blueprint for success:


Define Success

Arrive at a multi-dimensional vision of success for your brand and business.

Determine Positioning

Discover how to market your offerings as solutions, not services.

Develop Strategy

Learn to communicate in ways that drive the results you’re looking for.


Clarify the Brand

Nail down the foundations of your brand, from messaging to personality—and figure out how to evolve your existing communications.

Visualize Branding

Get a crash course in brand design and imagine (or reimagine) the look and feel of your own branded experience.

Design Creative

Learn how to be an effective creative director of your own brand to ensure your materials are consistent and high quality from here on out.


Outline Offer

Craft an irresistible offer that appeals to the perfect people.

Create Funnel

Plan a lead funnel that hooks your ideal clients and turns them into paying clients.

Expand Reach

Identify online and offline opportunities to grow your brand today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Cheap designers or expensive agencies will only cost you.

You may think you only have two options: Hire a freelancer to design some marketing templates and cross your fingers…or contract a slow, pricey agency and cross your other fingers.

Neither will get you the results you want with any certainty or speed.

The Brand Gold Group Program puts you in control and teaches you how to steer your brand marketing like a pro—for a return on investment that keeps on returning.

Get an expert’s brain on your brand, and more.

Brand Gold is a live coaching program. I’ll personally work with you from week to week, answering questions and keeping you on track to level up your brand marketing.

Each week you’ll get:

  • A recorded teaching from me, plus related tools
  • A live Q&A session on Zoom
  • 1:1 feedback on your progress through personal videos
  • Voxer access for in-the-moment coaching

This is one program that won’t sit on your computer, collecting digital dust. I’m here to get you to the finish line.

Build the brilliant brand you’ve always wanted.

Join the Brand Gold™ Group Coaching Program today:

For 2 payments of $1,750

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For 1 payment of $3,000

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Worth its weight, guaranteed.

As a small business owner, I know what’s at stake with every decision and every dollar—so I’ve included a guarantee to help put your mind at ease.

If you engage in the teaching, use the tools, and participate in the weekly calls yet ultimately aren’t satisfied with the outcome, you have a full year to request a refund. 

That’s how confident I am you’ll have all the know-how you need to take your brand marketing to the level it deserves.

Have I mentioned the bonuses?

You’ll become Brand Gold™ in 3 phases. Each one builds on the next for a total marketing
transformation—helping you reach the higher-paying clients you’ve been wishing for.

Bonus 1

The 6 Brand Stories To Tell (and How to Deliver Them)

$300 Value

Watch this video training to learn how to craft and share brand stories that customers want to hear.

Bonus 2

Dionne’s Favorite Business Books (and Why They Made the Cut)

$100 Value

Get my list of must-reads to help you on your journey to marketing maven.

Bonus 3

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (and How to Fix It)

$300 Value

Join my live training to find out the 7 simple marketing principles proven to capture your customer’s attention.

Bonus 4

How to Save Money and Time With Your Sales Funnel

$300 Value

In this live training, discover the 5 things you need to build to engage customers and grow your business.

Total Bonus Value: $1,000

Yours free when you join the Brand Gold Group Coaching Program

Meet your mentor, Dionne (yep, like Warwick).

For more than 3 decades as an ad agency leader, I helped build brands and launch strategic marketing campaigns across 17 industries. Whether it was burgers or banking, I loved the challenge of learning the ins and outs of a business to discover the best ways to fuel its growth.

I now share my knowledge with small businesses that want to grow bigger, through my Brand Gold™ private consulting and coaching program. As a business owner myself, I know what’s at stake with every decision and every dollar—and am committed to helping you make the most of yours.

I can’t wait to dig into your business and find the gold that’s just waiting to be shared.

You deserve marketing that’s as
smart and impactful as you are.

Team up with me to become Brand Gold™ in just 8 weeks—
and finally get the marketing that matches your greatness.

You’ll get:

  • Full brand and marketing oversight from strategy to lead funnel
  • 9 modules of teaching and tools
  • Live weekly Q&A calls
  • 1:1 feedback on your progress

For 2 payments of $1,750

enroll now

You’ll get:

  • Full brand and marketing oversight from strategy to lead funnel
  • 9 modules of teaching and tools
  • Live weekly Q&A calls
  • 1:1 feedback on your progress
  • Why Your Marketing’s Not Working (and How to Fix It) training
  • How to Save Money and Time With a Sales Funnel That Works training

For 1 payment of $3000

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If now isn’t the time to improve…when?

Marketing that brings in your dream clients won’t happen by spinning your wheels, sporadically winging it, or waiting for a “better time.”

It will happen when you prioritize it.

So you can take the step to improve your marketing today (the step you know your business needs to reach your growth goals)…

Or you can continue the mediocre marketing that’s preventing your business from achieving the success it’s capable of.

I know which one I’d go with.

Have questions? I’ve got answers.

I don’t have a team. Will this work for just me?

Absolutely. Many of my clients are “brands of one” like coaches and consultants. You’ll find the process to be just as simple and effective as a larger company would.

Can my team go through this program with me?

Yes, definitely. Feel free to share any relevant program materials with your team members. For instance, if a VA designs your marketing materials, invite them to join you for Step 6: Design Creative.

Am I going to have to re-do everything I’ve already created for my business?

Not necessarily. If you have a solid foundation, we’ll start where you are and level up from there. (Though it never hurts to evaluate past work and make sure you’re still on the right track.)

When do I get access to the content?

We’d like to say that you’ll receive immediate access to the program, but in reality it may take a few hours to get you set up on our platform. Don’t worry, though. You’ll have access no later than the next business day.

How long will I have access to the content?

You’re invited to participate in the weekly calls for 8 weeks, and you’ll have lifetime access to the program teaching and tools.

When are the weekly calls?

Live Q&A calls are held on Mondays at 7pm Eastern Time. All calls are recorded so you can watch them any time. If you cannot join us, you can submit a question in advance of the call so that it can be covered there or an answer sent in a 1:1 video. 

How many hours a week will this take?

To get the most from this program you’ll want to dedicate 2-3 hours a week to the calls, teaching, and tools.

Couldn’t I figure this out myself?

Yes, but it would take more time and likely cost more money, whether from trial and error or missed opportunities. I can support you along the way, helping you understand the why behind the what so that you can apply what you learn beyond this program.

What is your refund policy?

Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Just email my team at any time within the first year of program enrollment and they’ll take care of you. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.